Eco SoleLuna

As I’ve always been fond of travelling, the idea of opening a B&B and a Holiday House was born from the experiences I’ve lived, the persons I’ve met along the way and from the love for nature and a sustainable life.
Today these spaces are an ideal harbour from the stressing city life. A small oasis in the Tuscan countryside, where nature and pace meet each other, where mind can finally rest, where the environment provides everything we need, in order to live in harmony with the landscape and life itself. To reach these goals I followed a green philosophy and together with my family and my partners we do our best to maintain our structures authentic, warm and cozy, in perfect harmony with eco-sustainability principles.

Eco sustainability

At the base of the renovation of this beautiful 1800 century house, was the idea to preserve the original and authentic characteristics of the typical Tuscan cottage with its environment. That’s why we embrace the eco-sustainable ideology.

Our “green” actions:

  • Solar panels to warm our water
  • Low consuption lamps and led
  • A garden that provides our vegetables and olive groves, the yellow gold of our Tuscan oil
  • Use of seasonal, whole and organic products and ingredients. In the summer season some products come from our own garden and the oil is produced in the nearby olive grove
  • Towel change every three days
  • Bed linen are washed and changed every time we have new guests and every week
  • Recycling

We hope that our small gestures can contribute to best preserve nature, and we are glad to share  with you our reality.